There are over 130 species of Statice (Limonium sinuatum) with a wealth of common names such as Tissue Culture Statice, Sea Lavender, Marsh Rosemary, Limonium, and Latifolia. Its grown not for its flowers, but for its calyxes, which have a delicate, papery appearance and come in shades of lavender, pink, yellow, and white.  Statice is also known as an "everlasting flower" because the calyx will stay on and colorful well after the plant has dried, making it a great choice for dried arrangements.

ORIGIN: Its genus name, Limonium, comes from the ancient Greek for "meadow," which refers to its original habitat.  It has a large distribution in Europe, Asia, Australia, and North America.


CARE & HANDLING: Upon arrival, diagonally cut stems and place into a clean container with fresh, tepid water and fresh flower food solution. Keep in cool location out of direct sunlight and drafts. Replenish water as needed and recut stem ends periodically.