Queen Anne's Lace

Queen Anne's Lace (Ammi visnaga) resembles lace and its flowers turn from green to white as it opens.  Its lacy flower heads, excellent vase life, and clean coloration makes it a wonderful bouquet filler, and it is often used for wedding work.   It is a member of the carrot family (Apiaceae) and its common names include Green Mist, Bullwort, Ammi, Laceflower, tooth-pick plant,  and khella.

ORIGIN: Queen Anne's Lace originated in Egypt, Morocco, and Tunisia.  The name Ammi comes from the Greek term ammos meaning "sand," which refers to the plant's native habitat. 

AVAILABILITY: Year-round, with main availability spring through summer

CARE & HANDLING: Upon arrival, diagonally cut stems and place into a clean container with fresh, tepid water and fresh flower food solution. Keep in cool location out of direct sunlight and drafts. Replenish water as needed and recut stem ends periodically.  If used in floral foam, cut stems short to avoid water-stress.  Also works well dyed or dried.