Peach Blossoms

Peach blossoms (Prunus persica) bloom in early spring, before the leaves appear, and the flowers are light pink to dark carmine.  Their gorgeous blooms, long, woody stems, and honey-sweet fragrance make peach blossoms an excellent addition for spring arrangements.

ORIGIN: Peach trees originated in Northwest China and were widely cultivated in Persia (hence its scientific name, persica).  Around 300 BC they were introduced to Greece and eventually Europe.  By the 1500s, peach trees had come to the U.S. by French and Spanish explorers.


CARE & HANDLING: Upon arrival, diagonally cut stems, and make an inch-long slit in the bottom of each branchand place into a clean container with fresh, tepid water and fresh flower food solution.  The slit will allow water to be more easily absorbed and will keep your branches looking fresh.   Keep in cool location out of direct sunlight and drafts. Replenish water as needed.