Ornithogalum dubium

Ornithogalum dubium is one of over 180 species of Ornithogalum, all which feature gorgeous clusters of star-shaped florets gathered at the head of a long, leafless stem.  Dubium's star-shaped, silky florets most often come in hues of orange, yellow, and sometimes white, and bloom in stages all the way to the top of its flower head, a process which can take a few weeks. Other Names: Dubium, Snake Flower, Wonder Flower, and Sun Star.

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ORIGIN: Native to South Africa, The bulbs
have been prepared and used as food in the Old World and it is believed the ancient Greeks ate the young shoots as a
substitute for asparagus.  Common relatives: onion, Alstroemeria, Hyacinth, Tulip and Star of Bethlehem. Dubium means "dubious" or "unlike others of the genus" in Latin, which may refer to its vibrant coloring.

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