Freesias are a perennial single or double blooming favorite. They are elegant flowers that can grow to be quite tall.  Their blooms open sequentially, revealing a wonderful ambrosia-like scent.  Some of the various types of freesia have delightful fragrance while others are not so aromatic. They range in colors from pale white, yellow and violet to more vibrant shades of fuchsia, red, orange and purple.

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ORIGINS:   Named after the German physician Dr. Friedrich Heinrich Theodor Freese, this flower is a native of South Africa. Apparently, the flower was first brought to Europe in the 1700s, however, due to some errors was never properly classified. In the 1870s the flower was rediscovered growing in the Botanic Gardens of Padua, Italy. After this “rediscovery”, it was somehow reconnected to Dr. Freese, and the Freesia became widely cultivated after 1874.

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