Eucalyptus Silver

Eucalyptus pulverulenta is a very popular foliage item, and is prized for its silvery-green leaves.  It has well-branched stems and is used in both its fresh and dried forms.   Common names include cider gum, gum, and euc.

ORIGIN: Eucalyptus is native to Australia and Tasmania, though over 200 species have been introduced elsewhere.  It is frequently found in woodland areas of California.  Eucalyptus is Greek for “well and lid,” which refers to its sepals and petals. 


CARE & HANDLING: Fresh cut eucalyptus can last up to 30 days if hydrated properly. Upon arrival, diagonally cut stems and place into a clean container with fresh, tepid water and fresh flower food solution. Keep in cool location out of direct sunlight and drafts. Replenish water as needed and recut stem ends periodically.