Dianthus names include Sweet William, pinks, and mini carnations.  They have pretty blue-green foliage and vivid floral colors which make them excellent fillers in bouquets.  Their flowers have a fragrant, spicy scent and notched petals that come in colors of pink, white, or red. 

ORIGIN: Dianthus are native to Asia and Europe, with a few species from North Africa.  Their name translates to Divine Flower, or Flower of the Gods, coming from the Greek, dios, meaning "of Zues" and anthos, meaning "flower."


CARE & HANDLING: Remove all foliage that will be sitting below the water line.  Some leaves must be present for proper water uptake.  Cut stems with a clean, sharp knife and place in a clean container with room-temperature water.  Keep in cool location out of direct sunlight and drafts.  Replenish water as needed.