All About Zantedeschia

Zantedeschia (Zantedeschia aethiopica) also known as calla lilies, or mini-callas, are members of the Araceae family and are native to Southern Africa. They come in a range of colors from red, orange, yellow, rose, flame, purple, white, and even black.

History of Zantedeschia

Zantedeschia was introduced to Europe in the 17th century and, since then, has become widely naturalized all over the world, grown as ornamental cultivars in home gardens and also as long-lasting cut flowers.


What Growing Zantedeschia Need

Zantedeschia love diffused light, which means they react well to light that is scattered, as opposed to direct.  They also love UV light, which has a huge effect on their color saturation as well as the length of the plant.

Zantedeschia grow well in cool, coastal locations.  This is because cool evenings help the stems stretch tall, while also infusing their blooms with saturated color.  If Zantedeschia are kept in a warm environment all day and night, the intensity of its color would be significantly reduced. Thus, cool evenings are essential for best flower production.


Symbolism of Zantedeschia

The name, Zantedeschia, was given as a tribute in 1826 to Italian botanist Giovanni Zantedeschi, by his friend and correspondent, German botanist Kurt Sprengel. Since the 1916 Easter Rising in Ireland, Zantedeschia has been an important symbol of Irish republicanism and nationalism, and is used to commemorate the dead from that event.