Spring Season Viburnum

Viburnum is one of the first shrubs to flower in the spring.  In fact, in flower and garden circles, it is not spring until you have viburnum!

First viburnum of spring

First viburnum of spring

Viburnum is extra special because its growing season is one of the shortest--the season typically spans the month of April. Viburnum is also known for its color change during the season (which I'll explain in detail below). They first bloom in a vivid lime green color and then turn to ivory-white puffballs as they mature in the sunshine. 

Early and late season viburnum

Early and late season viburnum

You may hear Viburnum blooms also referred to as Snowballs--this is because their mass of tiny blossoms give each bloom-head a spherical, puffy shape.

Viburnum Green to White

Viburnum is famous for its color change from green-to-white, which signifies the progression of the season. For example, right now (the beginning of April) the crop is a charming green color.  This fresh look is known as early-season viburnum; it looks stunning on its own (a veritable spring forest with long stems and full, lime-green heads), and also works wonders as a focal piece in spring bouquets, adding color and a field-to-vase aesthetic to any home or bridal arrangement.

green viburnum arrangements

Late-season viburnum is another visual treat.  As viburnum flowers mature and receive a few weeks of full sunshine, the young, green viburnum develops into a brilliant white. 

White snowball viburnum has an exquisite and classical appearance--its long stems and multiple florets still brings the wildflower aesthetic to arrangements like early-season green viburnum, but it also boasts an elegant cleanliness that can only be achieved with white. 

white viburnum arrangements

Regardless of whether you opt for early-season green or late-season white, this heady bloom and its wonderfully long, wooden stems makes it the perfect floral complement for wedding bouquets, Mother's day arrangements, or any quintessential spring gathering.  But you better hurry, like spring, viburnum season passes in a beautiful flash.

viburnum spring arrangement